Jen Evoy Makeup Studio

Toronto, Ontario / Commercial / Completed 2019

To Artist and Owner Jen Evoy, the studio is meant to be a classic and timeless space that serves as the backdrop to her and her team’s creative work. We set the stage to create a space where her staff can work effectively and her clients can feel pampered.

I hired PROP Architecture for my Makeup Studio in Toronto. The plan was to completely demolish the existing interior and front facade and rebuilt it from scratch which proved to be a very overwhelming project! I say this all the time and I will say it again. I could not have done this project without them. When I initially contacted them, I felt their services were out of my budget, however, after doing my homework and educating myself, I quickly came to the realization that the fees were very fair and reasonable. Value is added when taking into consideration his level of skill, talent, attention to detail as well as professionalism, they were more than worth every penny!

They were a calming force throughout the process and always had a solution whenever a problem arose. I cannot express enough how talented they are, their creativity is incomparable. I provided them with my vision and they delivered that and so much more. I will continue to use PROP for future projects and recommend the company to every single person I know looking for an Architect and Interior Designer. These days It is very hard to find a high quality professionals, who are perfectionists and truly puts their heart and a soul into their work. PROP is exactly that, as well as super caring and empathetic which is the type of people you need in your corner when tackling a construction project. PROP is a true gem!

Jen Evoy

*Photography by Kuba Los