N15 Hair Salon / College

Toronto, Ontario / Commercial Renovation / Completed 2016

The owners approached PROP with a newly leased space to create a Japanese inspired salon where the design takes cues from Japanese minimalism. We understood that their customers and their hair would need to be the centre of attention so we strategically created a backdrop that feels light with clean lines and simple forms. We opened and removed the existing dropped ceiling to create a spacious, bright and flowing space. All in all, the design reflects the goal of the salon which is to be minimal with a touch of luxury.

The feature wall is one of the highlights of the salon composed of 172 white and rose gold diamonds some of which are illuminated to draw the attention of passers by. The space sparkles at night with the dropped pendant lights and the grand product shelf highlights the imported products which are used in the salon daily.

Brilliant, creative, and hands-on. PROP is more than the professional Architect every business owner hopes to hire for their project. With the stress of opening a new business, they are the ones in the whole process you can rely on to get things done. During the initial conceptualization phase, they were knowledgeable, creative, and took the time to truly understand the goals and vision of the business. Once we started putting pen to paper (the design phase), you really get a better sense of how talented they are: they takes the space you have chosen, and uses every inch to its maximum potential with no small detail missed.

The end result was the best design we could have ever imagined despite the many limitations of the location and space we leased. During the construction phase, their team was very hands-on and guided us through the myriad of construction issues: coring, plumbing, HVAC, and permits. We are absolutely thrilled with the final results. In hindsight, we are very glad we listened to their advice on various aspects of the project. Think of the most reliable, trustworthy people you know in your life where you can hand over an important project to them and know that it will be executed to perfection. PROP is that company for your business.

Jessie Cai and Hikoki Sugita

*Photography by Kuba Los