Theo’s Residence

Toronto, Ontario / Residential / Completed 2019

The unique challenge and opportunity for the design of this home renovation was that most of the work on the house was brand new. The renovation work previously done by the former owner was for a quick flip so there was a strong lack of cohesiveness and quality. Through the design of the project, we were mindful to strategically improve the functionality and aesthetics by maintaining elements that would work with the new to meet the budget.

We asked Derrick and his team to help design our home. The space already had some work done before we purchased it, but did not have the look and quality that we wanted. On Derrick’s first site visit, we were very impressed with what he envisioned for the space. With his architectural background, it gave us further confidence that the ideas he put forth would also be sound for our new family. He noticed missing details that we never would have seen. And yet, not making those subtle but important changes would have ruined the of the space. It goes to show how much attention he pays to details both big and small and the knowledge he has behind the scenes to make it all work.

This was our first project and Derrick was very patient with us when dealing with all the terminology and the countless back and forth that goes with designing a house. We were pleased on all fronts as our expectations were managed well. Derrick was always cognizant about our budget and advising us on what items were really worth splurging on and what items were not. We really appreciated his insights, honesty and transparency from start to finish.

We wanted to make sure that we came home to a space that we loved and Derrick helped us achieve that. Our friends and family love how everything in our space blends seamlessly from one room to another, maximizing storage while bringing in more light with a sense of calm . Its a space that truly represents who we are and every time we receive a compliment about our space, we just give Prop architecture a virtual Prop!

Kwong Family

*Photography by Kuba Los